The Group
The main purpose of our group is:
-To help educate, communicate and celebrate the history of Hadfield and Padfield in Derbyshire.
-To ensure that those new to Hadfield and Padfield are aware of its history.
-To plan, develop and deliver a series of projects and events that celebrate and enhance the history of Hadfield and Padfield.
We presently have a core membership of 15 volunteers with no paid staff
The work on creating a Heritage Trail will be our first project however our members come from a wide variety of existing local groups and also from a variety of employment backgrounds therefore bring a wealth of experience.

Heritage Trail
We wish to create a marked heritage trail around the villages of Hadfield and Padfield including a stretch of the Longdendale Reservoirs. The trail will be marked by directional waymarking discs around the village and illustrated through the location of a maximum of 25 interpretation boards at various points of local history and heritage. These boards will be designed using information provided by local people, schools and from existing historical records and material. A leaflet will also be created to accompany the trail.

Restoration of the Town Clock -
Now completed with fundrasing by St Andrews Church

The Town Clock on Hadfield Road is the only public clock in either village and was erected by public subscription in 1959 in memory of the Vicar Archie White (1917-1956). We plan to have the clock fully restored by Smiths of Derby (the manufacturers of the existing clock) to bring it back into full working condition. The majority of the clock pieces will be restored from their existing state however some parts namely the drum and cabling will require exact replacement as they have deteriorated beyond repair. Without these key parts the restoration will be incomplete.

Reversal of wall to create viewing area - to be confirmed
The Town Clock in presently located at a very central point in Hadfied. However, it can only be viewed from 20 metres away as it is held on a wrought iron arch overhanging St Andrews Church at the junction of two other roads, making the present location unsuitable to groups of more than three or four to stop and admire the clock or read information. We intend to reverse the curve of the existing wall so that the public will be able to walk up to and under the clock. This will not only enhance the viewing pleasure of being able to fully appreciate the workings on the clock but will also create a safer and more appropriate location for an interpretation board. The reversal would be carried out using the existing stone from the wall.

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